Connecting Building Automation to Everything

Our world is becoming dominated by machines. Rarely will we find a single activity without interaction with machines. More and more we are seeing machine to machine interactions too.

Still today these interactions are dominantly contained in certain process domains. The changes what we are experiencing are opening boundaries between technologies, which were irreconcilable yesterday. We are approaching a time where everything will talk to everything.

If we just think about our homes and the technologies that we find there, it amazing how many different communication technologies we find.  I will just mention the most common ones: IR, RF,  Serial, Bluetooth, IP, WiFi, Zigbee, LonWorks … Some of these protocols could be seen as Personal Area Network domain protocols, some will fit into the Local Area Network domain, as well into the Internet domain. . Such different focus of the protocols complicate more the interconnection of  everything with everything. Why is this so complicated to achieve?

There is no simple short answer. Most of the technology evangelists are pointing towards Semantic Web as an ultimate answer. However, do we really need Semantic Web to connect our IR device with the device on the WiFi network? After being able to interact with each other over the web do we need an ability to share states and resources from our personal devices with others?  Good friends were always sharing their belongings like books, movies, and sometimes clothes. It seems that the social web just moved old habits to a new dimension of sharing pictures, videos, and other data with our virtual friends.  As we come to a time of interaction of everything to everything we will respond probably on the same way. We will share. However, how will all that happen, and when? What will the ultimate force be in the creation of these interactions? There are still no simple answers.

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