"Brightcore" in RealTech Middle East

Brightcore Distributed Building Management Infrastructure will participate through presentation: "From The Silos to Open systems" the Best Practice Showcase on Feb 3rd as part of The Intelligent Infrastructure sessions  at the RealTech Middle East which will take place at Abu Dhabi, UEA 2-3 Februar 2010.


RealTech Middle East to Showcase the Next Big Ideas for Real Estate

Technology is changing the way we transact, operate and manage real estate at an increasingly rapid pace. Competitive pressures and advances in technology are spawning significant, innovative solutions globally and it's impossible for one person, or even a team of people, to stay on top of these latest solutions. That is why RealTech travels the globe in search of innovation as it relates to real estate and technology, collecting the new ideas that will impact our industry. In the February 2nd General Session this exciting showcase will highlight the most innovative technologies in the General Technology, Real Estate Business Solutions, and Intelligent Infrastructure categories. This is a unique opportunity to scan the globe in 90 minutes in search of the next "Big Idea"!

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