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Network deployment

The control network is connected to the system through a BrightNode. A BrightNode is a server-type program which enables the rest of the system to communicate with the control network. The BrightNode communicates with the Core, which in turn communicates with a BrightLets and CoreLets.

Like BrightLets, CoreLets are programs which use the Shell API to communicate with the Core, thus becoming part of BrightCore. Unlike BrightLets, however, they tend to be more server-like, autonomous and without direct human users. CoreLets are server programs which are having interaction with real hardware as well with different kind of business logic.

BrightLets can be considered as client programs of the BrightCore system.

All four components need a configuration (a set of system descriptions) to function properly. That configuration is created by the Builder, a GUI application, it can be directly transferred to the Core by the Builder’s Deploy command. The Core, in turn, deploys the configuration to all its components.

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