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Who are we?

The BrightCore division is part of Elma Kurtalj Ltd company which is in the business with automation technology more than fifteen years. Our knowledge of automation protocols infrastructure, and ICT helped us  in development of BrightCore system which is today very open platform ideal for integration of facility automation into M2M and IOT architecture. Development team consists of ICT and Automation experts.

What do we offer?

We can offer from the product portfolio as is up to the custom development of products based at the BrightCore platform. We are very capable in design of Automation software product's as well special design applications like web services connectivity with the common automation open protocol architecture.

Since, we are many years in the business, we do understand automation process's as well general energy conservation processes in the modern facility environment.

More info about who we are and what we do - here

Executive management

Team leader and President of the Company: Ninoslav Kurtalj, Mag. ing.

As an experienced senior executive with a more than 25 years in the communication and facility and industrial automation business Mr. Kurtalj has always been trying to establish a clear win-win solutions for infrastructure owners. He is one of the pioneers in deploying Open System (LonWorks, Modbus, BACnet) automation infrastructure in Croatia and the Mediterranean area. He guided his team in successful automation, based on an open system paradigm of facilities like data centers with more than 20 equipment manufacturers spread over various protocols and more than 1000 devices. His team has experience in automation of facilities sized up to 300000ft2 with up to 2000 devices, integrated in a single LonWorks network. Twelve years ago he initiated development of BrightCore framework, which was awarded with LonMark's international software product of the year at LONCOM2009.

The base for that development and achievement was our LonWorks software stack, which could transform any IP device with OS to IP LonWorks device that could be commissioned in standard LonWorks commissioning tool. The stack is developed in Elma and currently works on both platforms Windows and Linux from small DIN rail embedded devices to big 19” rack servers.

Mr. Kurtalj was participated as a speaker in events in Europe as well in US and Middle East. He was a speaker during Connectivityweek2009, as well as RealTech Middle East 2010 and many local Croatian and European conferences.

Currently, he was a contributing editor at His work is devoted in promoting of open system idea in IOT and M2M landscape.

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