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BrightCore BACnet Lookout Essential V 2.x

BrightCore BACnet Lookout is an easy to use engineering tool enabling you to scan, discover and generally manage your BACnet networks.
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BACnet Lookout - Explorer with Export/Import EDE files, is the most affordable BACnet explorer application developed by ELMA-Kurtalj that lets you freely explore any device communicating via BACnet protocol.

BACnetexplorer Manufacture Compare Table

With it you can easily map your entire BACnet/IP, BACnet/Ethernet networks and BACnet MSTP networks, discover its objects and properties and test it by changing the property values.


  • Property Monitor
  • COV Subscription,
  • TimeSynchronization Services,
  • CreateObject,
  • DeleteObject,
  • ReadProperty,
  • ReadPropertyMultiple,
  • WriteProperty,
  • GetAlarmSummary services supported.
  • BACnet IP and BACnet Ethernet communication protocol.
  • Incremental Device discovery.
  • Export/Import EDE files
  • Save Load Project
  • COV Event Notification Lists
  • Alarm Summary Lists


Feel free to try out our demo application available from link below
and discover all of advantages we offer.


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