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What are the BrightCore key points?

1. Communication using standardized building automation languages ( BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus)
2. Secure encryption data transport of information over the Internet (AES 256 Encryption standard)
3. All communication with buildings is at the Machine to the Machine level.
4. Possible building automation using products from different manufacturers, even seamlessly communicating in different languages, which are communicating
5. Create open competition between automation vendors through all life cycle of the building. There is no Vendor locking situation
6. Open simple integration of ICT applications with the building automation. The application does not need to understand the complexity of building automation structure. These applications are accessing building data as ERP is accessing the database. For the application, building automation looks like a database
7. The only independent framework for such purposes globally
8. Works on both platforms Linux and Windows
9. Works from small Din rail Linux devices to large servers
10. Simple management of energy data and there integration into corporate horizontal and vertical applications. Therefore, it could be excellent in backing up government stimulation programs in real time
11. Simple integration with Facility management tools with an open interface
12. Simple integration with ERP applications as well with other corporate applications

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